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Carrù Porta dla Langa

In Carrù, called the country "Door of the Langa" is the restaurant "Al Bue Grasso" which opens its doors to the ancient local traditions, tied to the "Bue Grasso famous fair" and the renowned Piedmont cuisine with dishes in which it is You can rediscover the old flavors of the past. Carlo, Ezio and Christian will be happy to have you as their guests and, with their photographic exhibition, to take you on a journey through memories of the fair of the past, up to the present day, addressing in a local new and elegant, between fine wines and numerous courses all to savor.

Carlo & Ezio
Staff Al Bue Grasso


Staff Al Bue Grasso
Chef Al Bue Grasso
J Christian


" Your satisfaction and your smile, are the most fulfilling reward of our commitment"

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